About the Artist

Influences / Direction

Craig was born in a small town in Connecticut, June 12th 1972. Music and art runs through his family tree. Craig decided early on that he would be an Artist. His Mother is an artist and his grandfather and great Uncles were all big band musicians. He cherishes his friends and family. Craig creates art for himself with hopes that it will stir something in the viewer…there is no other reason. He creates because he must do so to maintain sanity and relative balance.


Craig doodled his way through high school and then came to Florida to attend the Art Institute. After graduation he plunged into a varied list of artistic endeavors. He enjoys keeping his workload diverse to help expand his skill set and keep the calendar full of creativity. He has had the opportunity to make music, record and nationally tour in numerous bands, paint many public and private murals, make fine art on canvas, illustrate, log many fun hours on Photoshop, create graphics and layouts, create storyboard art and props for motion pictures, delve deeply into set, wardrobe and character design, apprentice as a tattoo artist, teach art to teens and adults, and most recently work behind the scenes to curate, promote and produce art shows for his cohorts. As Co- Founder of Art Synergy and CONTINUUM Craig is proud to be part of a dedicated team of art professionals with the goal of promoting local art at National and International levels and facilitate access to education, art & culture to those who may not have previously had the chance.

Craig is also proud to be Creative Director of Fright Nights at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Over the past 15 years, he has done, horror make-up, graphics, talent booking, casting and management, branding, set design, scenic painting, and his fair share of getting into character.

Craig’s intent is to stay focused and to NEVER take his creative gifts for granted.


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